JUNE 22 2024

La Quebrantahuesos 2020 is definitely cancelled

La Marcha Cicloturista Ibercaja Quebrantahuesos presented by Oakley wants to announce the definitive cancellation of the 2020 edition. The organization makes this decision due to the health emergency generated by Covid-19, the current uncertainty in events of massive participation and its will to be able to celebrate a 30th anniversary in 2021 with the best guarantees and enjoying what the Quebrantahuesos really is.

In the statement of the first postponement issued on March 31, the organization offered various compensation options for the participants and will maintain the same ones for all those who were registered to join us on September 19. See the particular conditions of cancellation in Annex 2 of the regulation. That is, you can request the transfer to the 2021 edition or the refund of the full amount of the registration. All those registered through the official registration platform will receive an email and will be able to choose their option until September 6.

Every effort has been made to carry out the event on September, but we have considered the best decision is to cancel this year’s edition and give all those registered cyclists the opportunity to fully enjoy the best cycling tour in 2021. The 30th edition will be held on June 19, 2021.

Members of the organization have held continuous meetings with the national, French, Aragonese and local authorities in order to find the best solution. The predisposition of all the parties has always been total, understanding the importance of the event not only for the lovers of bicycle touring, but also as a key piece at the tourist level as a socioeconomic engine of the region. However, everyone’s health and safety are more important than every other aspect and we have considered not taking any unnecessary risks and coming back stronger next year.

The organization, formed jointly by the Edelweiss Cycling Club and Octagon Esedos, wants to thank the Aragonese Cycling Federation, the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation, all the participants, volunteers, neighbors, law enforcement and security, their understanding and we call on everyone to meet in 2021 and celebrate as deserved by the 30th anniversary of our Quebrantahuesos. The QH of us all.

For more information, you can contact the organization through info@quebrantahuesos.com or through all official channels.