JUNE 22 2024

How can I be a part of the 2022 Quebrantahuesos?

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From December 1, all those interested will be able to register for the draw of the XXXI Marcha Cicloturista Ibercaja Quebrantahuesos sponsored by Oakley. The desire to ride is still intact and we want you to have all the information to understand how you can be part of the #QH2022.

All those who want to start next June 18 in Sabiñánigo will have to go through the previous draw phase. However, and a it is usual, there are a number of exceptions that do not have to go through the draw:

  • Those who transferred their registration to QH 2022
  • Participants with 15 or more editions completed in the Quebrantahuesos Gran Fondo.
  • Those who contract Premium Packs or Training Packs.
  • QH365 Club members.
  • Those who have obtained a place through raffles of the organization or sponsors.
  • Those registered in the Pirineos No Limits Challenge 2022.

As you know, the spirit of the Quebrantahuesos is formed by all the commitment and enthusiasm of the cyclists who year after year want to be  part of the event. As, for logistical reasons, it is not possible that all cyclists have access to the March, we must ensure the same options for everyone, but also regulate the bad luck. In case you have not been lucky in the last two draws in a row (2019 and 2020), you must sign up for the draw. However, if you are not lucky, you will have a place in the QH 2022.

The draw will award the places for the Quebrantahuesos Gran Fondo (6,000) and the Treparriscos (2,500).

In case you want to live a round experience and feel the Quebrantahuesos at another level, there will also be available, in limited stocks, the Premium and Training packs; to enjoy the march with maximum comfort or get a better result.

What does the QH TRAINING PRO include?

The QH TRAINING PRO is aimed at all those who want to get in the best shape for the Quebrantahuesos and improve their results.

The pack consists of a personalized training plan with individualized attention to get the best performance in a safe, responsible and always progressive and motivating way.

The planning is closed and specific according to the characteristics of the race and the 5 months of previous preparation: the training will start from January 20th to face the QH with total guarantees.

The service, always under BikeTraining’s professional criteria, includes a closed plan individualized at intensity level: BikeTraining staff will contact each user to propose a specific test, which will be carried out in power and heart rate format, on which the plan will be based. It includes a more advanced training plan than the existing one in the QH365 Club and customized for the QH, with several options to choose among, so that everyone can find the most suitable plan:

HR version, Power version, PDF format version, TrainingPeaks format version, Version for training more than 13h/week, Version for training between 8 and 13h/week, Version for training less than 8h/week.

In addition, as a new feature, hiring the QH TRAINING PRO guarantees you a second place finish! You have no more excuses! They will also hold a collective ZOOM session at the beginning of the plan, for all subscribers to Pack Training Premium to give a briefing/presentation of the training, as well as answer questions and comments.

What does PACK PREMIUM include?

In addition to the guaranteed place to the Quebrantahuesos Gran Fondo and all the advantages of QH TRAINING PRO, you can enjoy…

– Hotel Tierra de Biescas

Located in the town of Biescas, the accommodation is 15 minutes from Sabiñánigo, the starting point of the Quebrantahuesos 2022. The pack includes the nights of June 17 and 18 on half board, breakfast and dinner, with personalized attention.

The hotel also has some spaces enabled to store bicycles and will receive the participant bag, bib and jersey in the hotel itself.

– Start from the second box!

In order to ensure a correct management of the start, all runners will be divided into boxes. These are organized according to previous accredited times, with the bulk of participants in the last box: the gray one. By contracting this pack, you ensure a place in the second starting box.

Why become a member of the QH365 Club?

The QH365 club is the club for lovers of QH and cycling; an exclusive group that you can be part of to benefit from discounts, promotions and a wide variety of advantages that every runner should enjoy. In addition, being part of the Club, you will have your place assured in the Quebrantahuesos 2022. More information soon.