JUNE 17 2023

Special conditions for the participants of the Quebrantahuesos and Treparriscos 2021

PEQH-carrusel web-fecha 2021

After carefully analysing the scenario caused by the COVID-19 virus together with all the authorities and official health organizations, Marcha Cicloturista Ibercaja-Quebrantahuesos presented by Oakley which was to be held on June 19 has been postponed. The new appointment will take place on September 18, 2021 in Sabiñánigo (Huesca).


Due to the new and exceptional circumstances, the organization will re-enable two options for all those registered at 2021 edition:

  • Option 1 – Transfer registration to September 18, 2021. The cyclist would be automatically registered without the need for any other procedure. All acquired rights will remain in force in September 2021 except for any change required in the regulations by an official authority.
  • Option 2 – Request the refund of the full amount of the registration. Likewise, the full amount will also be refunded in case of having contracted the day license. Does not include the return of the registration fee for the draw. Only valid for all those who have made the payment through the event payment gateway.

In either option, the products purchased from Alé Cycling during registration will be sent to the participant’s address. The official brand of the test will contact each of them for more details.


Registered in the Training Pack:

  • Option 1: The entry and the entire pack are preserved for 2021.
  • Option 2: The registration (€ 75) and license (€ 12) are returned if they have been hired.

Registered in the Premium Pack:

  • Option 1: The entry and the entire pack are preserved for 2021.
  • Option 2: The registration fee (€ 75) and license (€ 12) is returned if hired, in addition to the accommodation price.

Particular Conditions Postponement QH 2021

All cyclists registered through the official payment system of the event for the date of June 19, 2021 will receive an email with a password in the coming days. It will be sent to the same email address used to register, where you can find a direct link to the website. After accessing with your ID number and password, you will see the 2 options previously announced. The cyclist must mark the desired option, which will be automatically saved so that the organization can proceed with its execution.

It is necessary to know that:

  • The passwords could take up to a week after the announcement of the cancellation statement. Please pay attention to the email both in the inbox and in the spam.
  • The decision will have to be communicated through the official site enabled by the organization itself before Sunday, February 28, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. PT.
  • Any registered who does not select either of the two options before the established term, will be automatically registered as the next date of September 18, 2021.
  • All those registered who request option 2, will receive the refund from March 1st, through the same payment method that they used to register. In case you do not have the credit/debit card enabled (due to expiration or change of bank), please provide us with your ID and IBAN number for the refund, through info@quebrantahuesos.com.
  • For any other questions, you can contact info@quebrantahuesos.com