JUNE 17 2023

Participate in the 3 most beautiful cycletouring in the Pyrenees.

June 10, 2023

June 17, 2023

June 24, 2023

The Pyrenees No Limits Challenge was created to bring together the 3 most beautiful cycling events in our Pyrenees. In France, Spain and Andorra, the three events cover the emblematic passes of the Pyrenees. In 2022, 21 brave people accepted the challenge. Will you be part of the team this year?


Marxa 3 Nacions

The cycle event of the 3 Nations (since 1970 with 42 editions), departs from Puigcerdà and is the only one in the world to cross three countries, giving each one a distinctive touch. We will cross the Spanish, the Andorran and the French Pyrenees through mythical ports known as the Port d’Envalira, whose fall of 2.407 meters is the highest pass in the Pyrenees. All these ingredients make it a unique concentrate: three countries, 140 kilometres that cross legendary mountain passes in the world of cycling.

Quebrantahuesos Gran Fondo

Quebrantahuesos is the queen event, considered by many editions as the best Gran Fondo event in Spain. This unmissable event in the world of cycling brings together more than 11.000 cyclists every year from more than 27 different countries. The 200-kilometer cross-border route that crosses the Aragonese and French Pyrenees with 4 historical passes of La Vuelta and the Tour de France, and ports such as Somport, Le Marieblanque and Le Pourtalet.

Cyclosportive l’Ariégeoise

On the way to its 26th edition, L’Ariégeoise offers particularly demanding circuits that highlight the heritage and mountains of the Ariège Pyrenees. Seven events are offered: Ariégeoise XXL, l’Ariégeoise, La Mountagnole XXL, La Mountagnole, La Passejade, La Passejad’Elec (VAE 25 km / h) and Elles Font L’Ariégeoise. Each participant will find a circuit adapted to their practice, but it is necessary to have a good physical preparation to participate in L’Ariégeoise.