JUNE 22 2024

Decathlon becomes the official sponsor of the Ibercaja Quebrantahuesos by TotalEnergies.

Creatividad Quebrantahuesos

The exclusive Van Rysel RCR will be the event’s official bicycle.

Decathlon, the global multi-specialist sports brand, becomes the official sponsor of the Ibercaja Quebrantahuesos by TotalEnergies cycling tour, along with its exclusive Van Rysel RCR as the official bike of the event.

In recent years, Decathlon has made a significant investment in the world of cycling. Its most recent milestone has been the collaboration with the French professional team Decathlon AG2R La Mondiale, with whom they have developed the RCR bicycle in collaboration with the French National Office of Aerospace Studies and Research, to achieve the perfect balance between aerodynamics, lightness, and rigidity.

A high-performance model for those cyclists whose goal is to win, regardless of the route and elevation. Another step by Decathlon to make the wonders of sport accessible to all users, bringing a product that competes in the most important road cycling races in the world.

Decathlon’s Cycling Commercial Director, Juanjo Uzquiano, has shared that “it is a pride for Decathlon to be the official sponsor of one of the most important cycling tours on the national calendar and also to have our Van Rysel RCR as the official bicycle of the event. Contributing to the accessibility of cycling to those who are starting in the sport, and at the same time, being able to meet the needs of the most demanding and high-performance user, with our new Van Rysel RCR with which our Decathlon AG2R team competes and wins races within the professional circuit, is our greatest satisfaction.”

The new Van Rysel RCR features different setups and transmissions available for cycling enthusiasts:

For his part, Aitor Jiménez, director of Octagon Esedos, the co-organizing company, has highlighted the relevance of the new partner in the sports sector: “Decathlon has a place in the mind of any athlete, at any level, and practicing any discipline. Decathlon’s commitment to sport and its accessibility have much in common with the Quebrantahuesos. We are an open tour and, despite already celebrating our 33rd edition, we want to continue adding new participants because we want everyone to enjoy the special spirit of QH.”

The Ibercaja Quebrantahuesos by TotalEnergies 2024 Cycling Tour will take place on June 22, 2024, in Sabiñánigo, where the iconic route through the ports of Somport, Marie Blanque, Portalet, and Hoz de Jaca will start and finish.